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Project Description

Amber | 琥珀



Extremely fascinated by history and nature, Marco Ma uses his work to explore the historical meanings of different substances. For the first time, the「DesignXcel」team has worked with the Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association (HKJJA) to promote the application of design and semi-precious stones together. With HKJJA’s full sponsorship, Marco got to select the raw and excess materials of semi-precious stones at the HKJJA member supplier’s office for his new jewellery piece.


Unlike Marco’s final-year project of an accessory series made with the Queen Elizabeth II coins; “Amber”, to many, is a kind of precious stone that embodies the beauty of time and nature. Yet, for the insects trapped inside, it is an eternally inescapable prison. Most of the time we are actually similar to the trapped insects inside the amber, subject to different constraints of circumstances and difficulties. However, as time goes by, these constraints will crystalise and make us shine.


Marco inserted some images of the insects into the amber to simulate their trapped situation, hoping that this set of jewellery will not only trigger people to rethink about the meaning of amber as a raw material, but also not to forget that time will prove everything. The work was also showcased at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show under the pavilion of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association (HKJMA).





馬把一些現成的昆蟲圖像放入琥珀首飾之中,模擬牠們被困於其中,希望透過作品讓人反思琥珀物料的意義,及銘記時間將證明一切。 作品亦會於香港珠寶製造業廠商會的香港珠寶購物節中展出,以此鼓勵藝術創作。

Design Graduate:

Ma Ho Ching, Marco | 馬晧程


Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association | 香港珠寶玉石廠商會

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers‘ Association | 香港珠寶製造業廠商會



Visual Arts | Hong Kong Baptist University – Academy of Visual Arts | 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院