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Project Description

A Kind of Rice Keeps a Hundred People | 一樣米養百樣人


Inspired by Bonnie Chan’s final-year project to promote the locally grown Yi O Rice, the「DesignXcel」project team brainstormed and concluded with a unique collaboration. The local brand Red A would be a good fit to turn her concept of “a kind of rice keeps a hundred people” into reality, as they also appreciate and support the illustrations of Bonnie very much. Together with a promotional video on Yi O co-produced with schoolmate Ting Lok Yin, Bonnie hopes to maximise exposure for the local brand.

The two seemingly unrelated brands were then paired up to reinforce their products of locality through working together on a marketing campaign. While Yi O spreads their name for local agricultural products, Red A markets their food containers for steamer through Bonnie’s graphics of 100 characters of different jobs, alluding to the Chinese proverb “a kind of rice keeps a hundred people”.

A few printing collaborators were involved to test print the 100 characters on the curved sloping surface of Red A’s food container. TML Apparel Ltd had the most satisfactory result, yet to avoid friction with the container edge, the graphics would be shrunk and only be printed at the bottom.

While the red of the collection comes from the traditional dining “cock bowl”, the blue is inspired by the Chinese blue and white porcelain. Even the colour scheme of red and blue works perfectly to link the rare local combination of agriculture (Yi O), manufacturing (Red A) and printing (Asia One, Artop and TML), industries that are often considered declining in importance.

Red A sponsored 200 food containers and Yi O provided 20kg locally grown rice for the readily printed 100-character limited-edition festive gift packages by TML Apparel Ltd for the marketing campaign showcase. Thanks to Asia One and fellow graduate Sandra Ho, within each container there is a health recipe tailor made to replenish the occupation of the specific printed character. The stories of the 100 characters were also printed on postcards as gifts to promote Yi O Rice.

在設計畢業生陳澤宜的畢業作品 — 推廣本地二澳米的啟發下,《設計列陣》項目團隊發現本地品牌紅A的公司理念與陳的概念「一樣米養百樣人」不謀而合,而紅A亦十分欣賞陳同學的設計,可為其推出作品,再配合與另一同學丁諾言合作拍攝二澳宣傳片,則相得益彰,盡收宣傳效果。





限量版蒸飯盅正價 Regular Price for Limited-Edtion Rice Container | HK$250 / 套 package
訂購方法及查詢 Order Placement & Enquiry | [Order] <-Click Me! / hello.jsde@fhki.org.hk

每套產品內已包括 Each package includes:
– 1個限量版蒸飯盅 1 limited-edition rice container
– 100克本地種植二澳米 100g of locally grown Yi O Rice
– 1張明信片 1 postcard
– 1份食譜 1 recipe

* 歡迎於31/12/2017或以前預訂,成功預訂後將有專人直接聯絡以確認訂單。

* Please place your order on or before 31/12/2017. Our staff will contact buyers directly to confirm successful orders.
The rice containers will be ordered on a first-come-first-serve basis due to limited quantity.
Please accept our apologies for not further notice will be announced once the rice containers are sold out.

Design Graduate:

Chan Chak Yee, Bonnie | 陳澤宜

Ho Yi Ching, Sandra | 何依靖

Ting Lok Yin | 丁諾言


Asia One Printing Ltd. | 宏亞印務有限公司

Star Industrial Co. Ltd. | Red A 星光實業有限公司 | 紅A

TML Apparel Ltd.

Yi O Agricultural Cooperation Ltd. | 二澳農作社






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