Memorigin X John Fung – Magic Tourbillon (萬希泉 X John Fung – 魔幻陀飛輪) 2017-11-16T09:32:35+00:00

Project Description

Memorigin X John Fung – Magic Tourbillon |

萬希泉 X John Fung – 魔幻陀飛輪


Within the world of watch technologies, the most complex ones are tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar. The nominated「DesignXcel」design graduate Enoch Yan had the pleasure to collaborate with Jason Chan, Design Director of Memorigin Watch Co. Ltd., the first Hong Kong brand that only produces tourbillon, for a watch design as an intern.

Memorigin has engaged in crossover projects with socialites of different professions. This time, the client of their tourbillon design happens to be John Fung (JF), the locally popular magician, whose strength is close-up card tricks. Cards naturally came first to the minds of Enoch, Jason and John as the signature element of the JF tourbillon design.

Magic Tourbillon is the artistic result of superb oriental sculpting craftsmanship and accurate western calibre mechanics. The watchmaking challenge for Enoch lies in the limitation to work with a dial of only 0.8mm in thickness without covering the tourbillon circle or interfering with its gear workings.

Jason and Enoch also respect the client’s intention to reinforce magic fantasy and downplay the game tone of cards. Through coordinating the calibre mechanics with the day/night indicator, a little trick of card magic is hidden in the JF tourbillon. The JF design also stands out from other mysterious premium watches of card elements as a mysterious yet functional magic prop.

Rather unusually, instead of post-production design such as packaging, Enoch was given the chance to work directly with John Fung and brainstorm ideas together with Jason on the dial design of the high-end brand. To him, the experience of designing for JF is in and of itself magical.


萬希泉以往曾與社會上不同職別的名人進行跨界别合作項目;這次陀飛輪設計專案的委托人則是擅長近距離咭牌魔術的香港著名街頭魔術師John Fung。撲克牌自然而然成為了設計的首要元素。


設計總監陳梓揚和實習生甄祐賢在設計中強調了委托人所想要突出的魔幻感,但在使用撲克牌作設計重心的同時,亦需著力避免引起對賭博的聯想。在設計中,通過融合機械機芯及日月曆顯示,一個魔術小巧思被精妙地隱藏在JF陀飛輪中,令此錶成為John Fung能隨身帶備的魔術道具。此特點令JF 有別於其他以撲克牌為設計意念的腕錶,除有神秘元素外亦極具功能性。


Design Graduate:

Yan Yau Yin, Enoch | 甄祐賢


Memorigin Watch Co. Ltd. | 萬希泉鐘錶有限公司



Jewellery and Image Product Design  | Hong Kong Design Institute | 香港知專設計學院